‘Eleven days’ by Natalie Shaw


Coral Bells



Keep the soles of your bare feet planted deep into the center of your birth

As you squish and squash your toes through the quiet mud of the Earth.

If your face were to be scolded by a sweltering piece of the sultry sky,

I would harness the new moon to comfort your swollen eyes.

Out there you will shimmer beneath the power of her shine,

But as for me, her shepherd’s staff will be my guide through the pines.

Hear and Listen.

If I were to be burned by our father’s scorching light,

Would you hide me with the coral bells in the desolate desert of the night?

I believed that I could keep you close enough to call you home,

And trap the swirls of stardust underneath the bell jar’s dome.

The clouded steps of paradise led you far away from Mars.

Don’t trust that I am genuine until you’ve made it to the stars.

Look and see.

I’ll retain my foliage in the winter when it snows,

And if we are to meet again, I’ll tell you where truth grows.

Before you leave, promise me that you will save us a penny,

So that when we collide on both sides we can feast with many.

Without your love I look purple and without your touch I feel blue.

All the pieces of my body are now nothing but a bruise.

Take and feel.

Lay me down next to the petals of my sweet coral bells,

And turn my lungs right side up so that they can never swell.

You may forget about the past, but I will always remember the future.

My once most precious dream plays out as you sprint to kiss her.

Let’s trust that the wind will engulf me with its most gracious of breezes,

And soon it will not matter if my heart contracts or freezes.