But what I won’t do is refuse to choose that I don’t have any more love for you

Because if it wasn’t for you, my skull wouldn’t have a few short screws loose

I allowed you constant attention, for you were in despair over my affection

Here is time making it known that there’s only room for one

Here is time letting it be shown that in first place will be your son

In his eyes you see his mother

Will it be possible to find another

A woman with butter cream in her thighs and a steel plated heart

If empathy had ears, it could hear my footsteps strolling the path of your shoes

And if empathy had a tongue, it could taste every tear that died on my lips

Full of aches and salt, empathy has left me sorry and skinny

Much like you through and through, that baby boy will soon grow tall

Here is time handed to me upon a gold painted platter

Here is time showing mercy to none

Here is time calling to me, “You’ll always be second to everyone.”


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