Leave me by train, and I’ll hijack the tracks

Buy a ticket for a plane, and I’ll bend the wing ’til it cracks

Determined to find you, I know where you come from

Hitting the spliff, stashing it back with the bottle of rum

On a subway station I swore I heard the croak of your voice

But what I saw wasn’t you and that had left me with no choice

Boiling, bubbling, and spiking with ardor

Came what I thought I couldn’t desire more

Drove off in a dirty crooked cab, did you catch my face in its rear view?

Pumping out poems every night, their lines weave words about you

Fumble through the shade, I’ll trail your foot prints through the woods

Deep within the barren trees where your beaten legs stood

 I’ll have you cornered, wrapped in branches in which you remain unfree

Here we are, eating stale silence. There is you, and then there is me

In your frantic search for a savior, you call out to God

And wale for your mother, too bad they’re both frauds

If you would just listen instead of making this a strain

The world could be mine if we both departed now in vain

Hand over your weary spirit, you won’t need it where you’re going

That essence you lug around needs much more than some sewing

Trust me if you will or don’t if you please

Never the less, you begin to writhe, putting my apprehension at ease

If you are feeling most brave then I almost dare you to speak

I’m tempted to peel off your vocals as you can’t make a squeak

I may allow a quick chase, but that would only be for fun

Will you not believe that through it all you’ve been my only one?


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