Finally, my courage had been hooked and baited.

As steady as a mother’s hand, I took aim for the target.

She knew my intentions were unclear.

I’d hit the hot spot with a single shot.

I’d struck the dead center of her sternum.

That was the moment when her skin had lost its strawberries & cream,

She then became colorless, pale like the moon,

And as la luna does so with every passing night,

That very flesh glowed and beamed above my dreary head.

I watched her through a kaleidoscope.

Bit by bit, her blue eyes bursted until they

Were cascading down my cheeks like shattered pieces

of waterfall.

My thoughts were then laid to rest as every muttered word flowed straight back,

Twisting themselves in and out of my hair,

‘Til they were seeping down to the core of my splitting cerebrum.

There they stay, locked away,

Waiting for her heat that is the key.

Once unchained, she will call my name

And thus begins my misery.


6 thoughts on “Luna Girls

  1. I’m so happy that you like it! I’m usually really shy about letting people read my poetry, but it’s good to know that people are enjoying them. Thank you for your help and kind words.


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